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LEAN encourages landlords & tenants to utilize mediation resources. Mediation is offered as a free service through the Greater Hilltop Shalom Zone’s Mediation Center. Mediation could help you peaceful solve a dispute with your landlord, neighbor, or tenant and possibly avoid court altogether.

You can contact a trained mediator through the Greater Hilltop Shalom Zone’s Mediation Services at 614-276-6763 or

Other mediation resources that are also available to landlords and tenants include Community Mediation Services. You can contact CMS at (614) 228-7191 or at

Legal Resources

Legal Aid offers legal services for low-income individuals and seniors. You can contact them at (614) 224-8374 if you need legal help. Their intake process will determine your eligibility.

The Shalom Zone’s Free Legal Clinic located on 1100 S Hague Ave. Questions can be directed to Mathias Manner by email at or by calling 614-398-1230.

To report code violations, you should contact the City of Columbus Code Enforcement Department by visiting their website or by calling them at (614) 645.7795. 

Review the Ohio Revised Code regarding landlords and tenants

LEAN Resources

LEAN Logo Final

See the Ohio LEAN Resource Guide for more information about Landlord/Tenant Rights and Responsibilities.

Check out our LEAN Brochure for more information about LEAN and resources such as landlords and tenants rights and responsibilities, sample letters (see below), and legal definitions.

There is now a Spanish LEAN Resource Guide available!

There is now a Somali LEAN Resource Guide available!

Sample Letters:

See the sample letters below to use as a template to write your own letter. Remember tenants & landlords to get all notices and requests in writing and save a copy!

Repair Request Example Letter 
Letter from tenant to landlord requesting repairs to be completed in unit.
Termination of Lease Example Letter
Letter from tenant to landlord notifying of termination of lease
Three-day Eviction Notice Example
Notice from landlord to tenant to leave the premises within 3 days.

Example of Lease Agreement